It seems inevitable that Cornwall AC‘s Emma Stepto will win a Cornish GP race outright before long, having finished second overall on more than one occasion this season. On Friday, at the St Levan 10k, it fell to Mounts Bay Harrier and GB triathlete Neil Eddy to deny her the outright win, with his 34:36 run. Emma was close behind, with 35:01, just ahead of club mate Paul Smith. The ladies podium had a very familiar feel, with Newquay’s Eleanor Davis and Hayle’s Emma Schuck taking second and third, finishing just a second apart and reversing their positions at Indian Queens. After running eight of the eleven GP races so far, Emma Stepto has already sealed her GP victory with eight straight wins, giving her an unassailable 2400 points – congrats Emma!


1 Neil Eddy (Mounts Bay) 34:36
2 Paul Smith (Cornwall AC) 35:03
3 Jordan Morant (Hayle) 35:13


1. Emma Stepto (Cornwall AC) 35:01
2. Eleanor Davis (Newquay) 36:54
3. Emma Schuck (Hayle) 36:55


The other main event of the weekend was Mud Crew Events’ long-awaited RAT (inov-8 Roseland August Trail), with tough trail races being held at four distances. Again it was a day for the ladies to show their stuff, with Wells City Harrier and At Your Pace athlete Clare Prosser taking second overall in the 32 mile ‘Black’ run, and Mud Crew‘s Sarah Morwood tying for first place with Charlie Ramsdale in the ‘Plague’ event, both ladies finishing the gruelling 64 miles in 12:34:04!

You can read several reviews of the race at the Runners World race review page, and organisers Mud Crew are keen for anyone who took part to add their reviews to the site – click here.

Congrats to anyone who completed one of these tough races – we’ve spoken to a few finishers (and non-finishers who promise to be back next year), and the common theme seems to be steps! Do let us know how you got on in the comments below…

White (11 miles) – Ladies

1. Polly Benton (unaff.) – 1:54:33
2. Jane Hurley (unaff.) – 1:59:28
3. Elizabeth Coombes (Plymouth Harriers) – 2:00:01

White – Men

1. Thomas Humphrey (Plymouth Harriers) – 1:27:38
2. Mike Cash (unaff.) – 1:36:01
3. Tom Carthey (Falmouth RR) – 1:36:05

Red (20 miles) – Ladies

1. Lucy Mancer (St Austell) – 3:18:07
2. Jessica Buscombe (St Austell) – 3:42:56
3. Lorraine Hobbs (Knowle & Dorridge RC) – 3:43:18

Red – Men

1. Jez Mancer (St Austell) – 2:57:50
2. Alex Peyton Jones (Plymouth Harriers) – 3:06:24
3. Will Brewin (unaff.) – 3:09:47

Black (32 miles) – Ladies

1. Clare Prosser (Wells City Harriers) – 4:54:47
2. Linda Lascelles (Maiden Newton Runners) – 5:40:46
3. Alicia Livingstone (Mud Crew) – 5:53:56

Black – Men

1. Mike Robinson (Mud Crew) – 4:46:23
2. Roy Brown (Dawlish Coasters) – 5:17:24
3. Adrian Ball (Cornwall AC) – 5:19:52

Plague (64 miles) – Ladies

1= Sarah Morwood (Mud Crew) – 12:34:04
1= Charlie Ramsdale (unaff.) – 12:34:04
3. Rebecca Morgan (Mud Crew) – 15:07:19

Plague – Men

1. Rick Keefe (Mud Crew) – 12:34:52
2. Robert Hicks (Okehampton RC) – 12:37:06
3. Doug Murray (Fleet & Crookham AC) – 13:24:55

Links to Results

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