Those with fond memories of the ShelterBox Challenge will be interested in a new multi-discipline event announced by ShelterBox for 12/13 September, the Wild West Challenge. This is a two day challenge event for teams of four, who will hike, cycle and canoe their way around the River Exe and Dartmoor National park. The event will also be an opportunity to raise money for the vital work done by ShelterBox helping communities around the world.

Have you got what it takes?

Have you got what it takes?

The challenge

  • Each team of four will have to transport a ShelterBox over a distance of around 67 miles in total.
  • The route will include five miles of canoeing, more than 40 miles of cycling and hiking 10 Tors during the course of two days.
  • Participants will stay in a ShelterBox tent on the Saturday night in a campsite with facilities.
  • The minimum age for each entrant is 18.
  • Individuals can also apply and they will be allocated a team, just as we allocate ShelterBox response team members when they respond to a disaster and deliver aid in different parts of the world.
  • The event will start at 9am on Saturday, 12 September in Exeter and end at 5pm on Sunday, 13 September back in Exeter.
Participants will cover 67 miles

Participants will cover 67 miles

Fundraising and support

  • The registration fee for each participant is £50 and the minimum sponsorship fee per participant is £300.
  • Participants will receive the support of the fundraising team and information about ShelterBox to share with supporters and sponsors.
  • Each participant will receive a ShelterBox t-shirt or running vest.

More information

Full details of the event can be found via Adventure Café here, or you can contact ShelterBox direct on 01326 569782 or if you have any further queries. Application forms etc. can be found below.

Wild West Challenge Booking Form ShelterBox Registration Form Term & Conditions


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