Singing her way to a rendez-vous with a giant chicken!

Singing her way to a rendez-vous with a giant chicken!

(Now updated! See end of this article for more….)

As you know, Mud Crew’s Sarah Morwood recently won the ladies race in the the tough Centurion Running Winter 100 ultra. We were keen to hear her report of the race, but due to the sheer number of excellent race reports already put out by other competitors, she decided not to re-invent the wheel:


[She has written excellent reports on other 100 mile races, which you can read about on her blog]

Like Sarah, we really enjoyed reading the various race reports from the Winter 100, and although some of them have been posted to the excellent Ultrarunning Community web page, we haven’t actually seen them all collected together in one place. So, partly for selfish reasons, and partly for your entertainment, here are all the Winter 100 reports we could find, a dozen at the time of writing. There’s a lot to read here, so pour yourself a big mug of tea, or bookmark the page for future reference. There’s a ton of inspiration in these posts, and by no means all from the ‘front-of-the-pack’. Enjoy, and if you come across a report we haven’t mentioned, let us know in the comments below!

[column size=”one-half”]bob-wildBob Wild (@24hourbob) – Finished 43rd in 23:42:16. Bob is a Grand Union Canal Run veteran, who has also completed iron distance triathlons. He appears to have survived the Winter 100 largely on a diet of Heinz Ravioli…![/column][column size=”one-half” last=”true”]andy-nuttallAndy Nuttall (@andy_nuttall) – Finished 32nd in 23:15:43. Andy has completed several 100 mile races including other Centurion events. However, this is the first time he has completed the distance in under 24 hours, and in this post he reflects on the sacrifices he and his family have made to accomplish this goal.[/column]

[column size=”one-half”]shawn-timmonsShawn TimmonsFinished 80th in 27:44:54. This was Shawn’s second 100 miler, having completed the 2013 Winter 100 in just under 29 hours. Shawn turned his ankle with over quarter of the race to go, but managed to tough it out to the bitter end, and knock over an hour off last year’s time![/column][column size=”one-half” last=”true”]richard-stillionRichard StillionFinished 87th in 28:23:31. Richard talks about the pros and cons of the course design, which returns to its starting point every 25 miles. Access to your drop bag is easier, but the temptation to drop out is so much greater. Richard also mentions the ultra-runner’s favourite topic of conversation besides Hoka’s: blisters![/column]

Back in the village hall my blister was sore, the ton of Vaseline I’d daubed on it had failed to have an impact and once again the voice of drop started to creep in.
“How’re you doing?” asked Gary Dalton.
“I feel a bit tired” I muttered.
“Well, of course you do, you’ve just run 50 miles! Do you want a cup of tea?
| Richard Stillion

[column size=”one-half”]jon-fieldenJon FieldenFinished 62nd in 26:04:52. This was Jon’s first 100 mile race, and despite his thorough training, Jon draws on everything to get through an emotional finish. Encouragement comes from friends, family, and Lady Gaga. Yes, you read that right.[/column][column size=”one-half” last=”true”]ian-walkerIan WalkerFinished 24th in 22:24:03. This is your one stop shop for Fonzie impersonations and IT Band songs…![/column]

[column size=”one-half”]tremayne-cowdryTremayne CowdryFinished 14th in 20:19:12. Tremayne is another accomplished ultra runner with two other Centurion finishes under his belt already this year. With his eye originally on a 17-20 hour finish, this is a great post in dealing adjusting your goals mid-race.[/column][column size=”one-half” last=”true”]matt-bevanMatt BevanFinished 27th in 22:41:41. Matt rues his assumption that the course will be flat, and suffers the ultra-runner’s curse of discarding his jacket just before it starts to rain![/column]

I really enjoyed the miles back to Goring. I saw some stunning Red Kites & Kestrels hunting mere yards from me which I found to be so inspiring that I really kicked on back through the forest. | Matt Bevan

[column size=”one-half”]louise-aylingLouise Ayling (@abradypus) – Finished 53rd in 25:04:44. Fascinating account of Louise’s race from the viewpoint of her support crew Andy Bailey. Louise pays tribute to Andy and the race organisers here.[/column][column size=”one-half” last=”true”]chris-millsChris Mills (@ossiejnr) – Completed 75 miles in 17:54:53. Not everyone finishes an ultra, and here is Chris’ take on his retirement after 75 miles. After completing the first 50 in under ten hours the wheels came off thanks to some knee trouble, and the next 25 took nearly eight hours. As he recounts in his post, he would most likely have been able to ‘walk it in’ well under the cut-off, but decided to listen to his body instead.[/column]

[column size=”one-half”]andrew-kayAndrew KayFinished 56th in 25:19:51. Another entertaining post, where Andrew demonstrates that what seems natural to ultra runners strikes ‘normal’ people as odd. Such as applying Vaseline on a crowded train…![/column][column size=”one-half” last=”true”]paul-aliPaul Ali (@UltraAvon) – Finished 9th in 18:56:22. Great report, detailing Paul’s attempt to get under 20 hours (which he accomplished handily) to win a bet involving his hat![/column]

I also made a decision not to hang around at Aid Stations and not to waste time tweeting or Facebooking at all. The sacrifices I had to make for this race you know… it wasn’t easy… | Paul Ali

We really hope you’re inspired by what you’ve found here. If it whets your interest in tackling an ultra in Cornwall, your next opportunity will be Mud Crew’s Arc Of Attrition, a 100 mile race next February over terrain so difficult it’s been given a 38 hour cut-off! Despite the fact that it will be run mostly in the dark, the race is 80% full already, so check it out soon. If you need a gentler introduction to the world of ultra running, there is the ever popular Classic Quarter, a 44 mile outing from Lizard Point to Lands End in June.

Note on photos: Several of the above photos are adapted from in-race pics by Stuart March. It is worth visiting several of the blogposts just to see the standard of Stuart’s work, which is simply some of the best race photography we’ve seen.

Update (30/10/14)!

Sarah has now succumbed, and posted her own report on the Winter 100 – you’ll find it here! Consider it a placeholder until she finishes what will no doubt be an epic write-up of her efforts at UTMB….

Damn it, why don’t I read the race instructions more carefully?! Hang on, mobile signal…centurion website…phew, this is the right section! Ok, time to get running again. Ooooo, look, a giant chicken!


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