About Cornwall Running News

Our aim is to be the best resource for runners in and around Cornwall, featuring event information, race results, and inspiration to help your running. We want to share your stories, whether you are battling it out at the sharp end, or taking your first steps into running!

jules-editorOur editor, Jules, is a middle-of-the-pack runner based in Helston and affiliated with Carn Runners. This might occasionally lead to a slight West Cornwall ‘bias’ in our material, but we do pay close attention to clubs further east in the county like Launceston Road Runners and Tamar Trotters to try and avoid this. We’re always open to suggestion and guidance, especially if you think we’ve missed anything important!

What we cover

Ideally we’d like to cover all aspects of the Cornish running scene. However, we are essentially a ‘one man band’ at the moment, which limits the amount we can report on while holding down a full time job. At the moment, what this means is we’re covering as much as we can of local road, trail, and ultra races. We will also try to report on international and other important races further afield, depending on whether there is a local contingent in the race.

What you can do

We want to give people the chance to hear as much as possible about what is going on for runners in Cornwall. Having only one pair of eyes we know we will miss stuff; having only one pair of hands, we won’t always be able to write about the stuff we do know about! However, we want this to be a community resource, and with that in mind, there are lots of ways you can contribute. We are more than happy to receive any of the following:

  • Event announcements. Please let us know about any events you’d like the Cornish running community to know about. We get to hear about most of the major ones, but will happily repost information about any event, big or small!
  • Race reports. We do try to get to races, but can’t be at every one. If you have a race report you’d like to see reaching a wider audience, please do send it to us. It doesn’t need to be long, and you don’t need to worry about spelling; we have plenty of experience in proof-reading and editing!
  • Other news. Know a Cornish runner who’s just gone off and completed a crazy ultra? Heard about someone getting a call-up to run for their national squad? We’d love to hear anything along those lines, and will properly credit contributors.

Contacting Cornwall Running News

Please do get in touch! You are welcome to send any stories, race reports, photos or announcements to editor@cornwallrunningnews.com

You can also find Cornwall Running News on Facebook and Twitter.